Leaky houses are a problem.  How much is your plumbing system allowed to leak?  Not at all!  They shouldn't leak.  How much leakage is allowed in your electrical system?  Also none!  So why should our houses be allowed to leak air?

What is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door is a big fan that moves air.  It's calibrated and connected to a gauge, and a skilled practitioner can use it in a number of different ways to figure out how a house is misbehaving.

What Should I Expect?

A blower door test might not take very long, but depending on what I find, we might take a tour of your home so I can show you possible trouble spots.  I typically like to combine a blower door test with an infrared scan, because the blower door puts the house in a slightly-stressed condition, which can show up beautifully on infrared.

I Want More.

Awesome!  A blower door test can be performed as a standalone service, but can also be included as part of an energy audit.

You can also read more about it.

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